Southern Reflection by Frank Wackerbarth

'Southern Reflection'

Southern Reflection

Frank Wackerbarth

13 March to 25 March 2007

"I look upon my pictures as objects in a room which by means of their colours, lines and shapes can appeal to an inner world" Frank Wackerbarth, 2005

Sanderson Contemporary Art is pleased to present the second solo show of sculptural works from German artist Frank Wackerbarth. Following a sell-out show in 2006, Wackerbarth’s ‘Southern Reflection’, is a series of works produced in New Zealand. Painting multitudes of swirling forms and colours on exquisitely detailed aluminium surfaces, Wackerbarth describes in his works three key elements – the piece, the observer, and the light.

Each work has an individual surface form which is highly responsive to light. Works make the most of all light available in their surroundings, attracting light, concentrating it and reflecting it back to the viewer. Minute angles within the pieces pick up surrounding colour and blend it into unexpected patterns, creating a constantly changing perspective of light, colour and form. Surfaces appear to rotate, warp and transform as the viewer shifts positions, altering perspectives and depth orientation within the piece.

Wackerbarth describes this as being a kind of interaction - as a viewer, in the act of walking past the piece to gauge different visual patterns, we are given the opportunity to engage in a physical connection with the work. With the juxtaposition of highly structured paint layers and organically inspired patterns, new works describe a complex connection with the mechanisms of the brain.

Through his expanding and contracting forms, Wackerbarth relates a narrative of constant change and movement, a metaphor for the cycles of life. Drawing parallels with existence from birth to death, pieces work to depict a ‘matrix of life’ - coming forward and receding, a fusion and winding in space into depths which we cannot bring fully into focus from the limitations of only one perspective.
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