Robbie Fraser



Robbie Fraser's practice is about colour, shape and harmony – not the articulation of untroublesome relationships, but an exploration of what  happens when these relations miss the mark – get difficult. It insists on stopping short of expectation, maintains on slipping from propriety – not as a declaration of messing things up, but more as a probing of boundaries and a critical examination of rectitude itself. It draws up close to fine tuned beauty, but at the last moments shies away from the anesthetic affect of complacent aesthetics, and turns toward the more enlivening sensation of discomfort.

Robbie Fraser (Ngati Porou ki Harataunga), b.1979, works and resides in Auckland, New Zealand. He graduated from AUT University with a Masters in Art & Design (First Class Honours) in 2013 and was a founding member of FERARI, an ex-artist run space based in Auckland. His recent shows include A Fridge Full Of Condiments (2014) at RM, Puttanesca Park (2015) at Corbans Estate Art Centre and A Standard of Measurement (2016) with  Hugo Lindsay at Papakura Art Gallery.

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