Sione Faletau

Sione Faletau

Movement, 2015, Video


Sione Faletau is a performance and video based artist whose work deals with the Tongan ideals of body and masculinity. In his works he uses his body to negotiate these ideas of the Tongan male body as a tool.

Movement is an experimental work where the artist is wrapped in Ngatu Pepa[1] and tied using traditional materials of Kafa[2]. The artist performs Tongan dancing actions in order to free himself. Using his body movements he creates shapes with in the Ngatu.

[1]Ngatu Pepa is a Tongan barkcloth made from Vilene

[2]Kafa is a rope made out of coconut fibres that is used as a belt to secure a ta’ovala in traditional Tongan dress.

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