Richard Pearse

Richard Pearse

Maybe, 2010, Mixed media, 527mm x 283mm



A couple of years prior to creating this series of artwork I began writing and recording music. Being a predominantly visual person, I discovered that I gave music visual properties when establishing

creative direction e.g. repetitive patterns to represent rhythm, colour to represent melody and harmony, an abrasive surface to represent distortion or wet reverb, etc, etc.
As I delved deeper into the music and compositions became more complex I started having to many ideas and as a result my mind would start having this internal fight with itself trying to cut through all the clutter to find the best solution. This is when I realized that I needed to take a break from music and release all these songs visually.
I purposely choose wood as a medium because I like its vulnerable surface and weary appearance. This aged weather look provides the texture that to me visually, is representative of raw, analogue based music recordings (which I am particularly fond of).
Gouache paint is used because it complements the aged surface of the wood due to its delicate nature and slightly distressed matt finish. I am a fan of drawings and architectural plans where watercolours have been used and the pencil lines are exposed due to the opac nature of the paints, and I think that gouache allows enough details without giving too much away.
Having a previous career as a graphic design, I have become a big fan of typography and I feel that the addition of type provides the eye with a common ground within these busy visual playgrounds. Adding words is not to necessarily establish a concept or deepen a meaning, but to challenge the viewer, encourage discussion and heighten ones involvement with the work.
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