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Search Tips:

The basic keyword search (search field at the top left of the site) will return results that have those word(s) in the title, or work by artists who's full name exactly matches the keywords entered.  If you are looking for a particular piece of work by an artist, you can do so by using by {artist} after your title keyword


keywords: cat
returns any artwork by any artist with the word cat anywhere in the title (will match blue cat, and catholic)

keywords: Ted Dutch
returns all work by artist Ted Dutch

keywords: cat by Ted Dutch
will return all works by Ted Dutch with the word (or part of word matching) cat anywhere in the title.
Please note that you do need to search for works by a particular artist in this specific way (keywords by {artist name}), if you were to search for: Ted Dutch cat your search won't return any results, as it will only be searching artwork titles since you are not searching using the expected format.

The advanced search page offers more comprehensive search criteria - especially useful if you want to look at works by a few of your favorite artists, in a particular price range, or filtered by the size of works.