Matt Molloy

Repeal, 2010, Gold leaf transfer on lustrulux, 480mm x 320mm


My practice scrutinizes ideas relating to the body and the grotesque. I draw my inspiration from Science Fiction, Horror, Surrealism, Cartoons, Comic books and folk art. Undecidability is utilized within my practice as a means of production to navigate the grey areas or slippages within language in order to allow the works to remain open to a myriad of possible readings. Although I generally work with a range of different media, my body of recent work; an installation of multiple parts entitled “The Midnight Kitchen” is more specifically concerned with destabilizing the signification of its forms and their predisposed meanings through a gesture of allowing the works to be in their most material sense, what they are. The slippages that occur through translation however become seemingly relative to process in this regard, and the works begin to take on alternate readings. Looking at the genres of science fiction and horror I have been particularly interested in the procedures involved in prop making, in turn this has lead me on a relatively in depth investigation of these processes and their materials. Through this investigation I have explored the formal qualities of the materials through an ongoing process of translation and transformation.
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