Venice Fundraiser

Karyn Taylor

08/02/17 to 31/03/17

To support Karyn Taylor’s attendance at Venice in May 2017, we are very excited to release two limited edition works from the artist priced at $495. The works are available for immediate purchase – contact the gallery with enquiries.

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Give the Gift of Art - works under $1,000

Various Artists

13/12/16 to 24/12/16

A work of art could be the most thoughtful gift you'll ever give. To help you with your Christmas gifting, we've put together this curated selection of gems all priced under $1,000.

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Simon Kaan in conversation with Martin Langdon and Lana Lopesi

Simon Kaan

17/08/16 to 17/08/16

As part of his exhibition Black Cloud, Simon Kaan will be joined in conversation by fellow artists Martin Langdon and Lana Lopesi to discuss bi-cultural art practice in the unique artistic ecology of Aotearoa.

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Auckland Art Fair

Scott Eady, Stephen Ellis, Karyn Taylor, Mark Whalen

25/05/16 to 29/05/16

At Auckland Art Fair Sanderson Contemporary presents a major new works from Scott Eady, Stephen Ellis, Karyn Taylor and Mark Whalen.

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Sydney Contemporary

Ray Haydon, Simon Kaan, Wendy Kawabata, Shintaro Nakahara, Karyn Taylor with Scott Eady

10/09/15 to 13/09/15

In 2015 Sanderson presents a stand with newly-commissioned work from Ray Haydon, SImon Kaan, Wendy Kawabata, Shintaro Nakahara, Karyn Taylor and others. The gallery also brings Scott Eady, with his works curated into Installation Contemporary. Visit the gallery at stand C05 from 10-13 September at Carriageworks, Sydney.

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Melbourne Art Fair

Brit Bunkley, Josephine Cachemaille, Kevin Capon, Ben Foster, Will Handley, Ray Haydon, Damien Kurth, Shintaro Nakahara, PJ Paterson, Martin Selman

13/08/14 to 17/08/14

Australasia's leading contemporary art event, the Melbourne Art Fair, showcases outstanding work from the region's best galleries. Sanderson Contemporary Art will be presenting an exciting selection of new work at this year's Melbourne Art Fair.Featuring work from Brit Bunkley, Josephine Cachemaille, Ben Foster, Will Handley, Ray Haydon, Damien Kurth, Shintaro Nakahara, PJ Paterson and Martin Selman.

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Sculpture Feature

Ben Foster, Ray Haydon, Martin Selman, Brit Bunkley, Josephine Cachemaille, Joe Jowitt and Sian Torrington

21/02/14 to 09/03/14

See Osborne Lane come to life with a celebration of major sculptural works. Including a life size aluminium horse from Ben Foster and carbon fibre kinetic works from Ray Haydon, the feature is a rare opportunity to see these dramatic works and interact with them in their intended outdoor environment.

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New Collectors Series


01/09/13 to 30/11/13

Cure Art Fear with all the skills to start a rewarding art collection, whatever your budget. The New Collector Series is a free programme of exhibitions and enlightening events - including seminars, giveaways, studio visits, and talks led by Warwick Brown.

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Rag and Bone

Brit Bunkley, Josephine Cachemaille, Kevin Capon, Clare Kim, PJ Paterson, Sian Torrington

07/08/13 to 11/08/13

At the Auckland Art Fair Sanderson Contemporary Art presents curated group exhibition Rag and Bone, with new projects from Kevin Capon, Young Sun Han, Josephine Cachemaille, Clare Kim, PJ Paterson and Sian Torrington. The gallery also presents the work of Brit Bunkley in the curated moving image section of the Fair.

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Two Gallery Abstracts

Billy Apple

03/07/13 to 21/07/13

After over 11 years in Parnell, Sanderson Contemporary Art has relocated their main gallery to expanded premises in Newmarket’s Osborne Lane. As the door closes on Sanderson Contemporary Art’s presence in Parnell, Billy Apple takes the last look. The final exhibition in the emptied out gallery space focuses on the gallery floor at the left rear corner, which has intrigued Apple and many others. For some reason, it has sunk!

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The Outer Edge Project: 'Keep Walking Past The Open Windows'

Elsbeth Hill

16/04/13 to 16/06/13

Voyeurism has entered our daily lives in the form of Social networking, the internet and reality television shows. We have become status obsessed, over exposed, information junkies. The global village is now a reality, built in cyber space. The lines between voyeur and spectator are blurred as are audience and artist.

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White Night in Parnell

A curated programme of on street art events for one night only in Parnell

16/03/13 to 16/03/13

For one night only - Saturday 16th March 2013, 6pm-Midnight - White Night will transform Parnell Road with 17 visionary art projects. Watch the streets and courtyards of the historic village come alive with performance, interactive projects and site-specific installations spread along Parnell Road from Fraser Park to the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

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There's no way over, only through

16/03/13 to 31/03/13

Sian Torrington is a New Zealand based artist who works in drawing, sculpture and installation. Her work investigates the creative process itself, using building as a metaphor for creating personal structures of meaning. Her installation work is built in response to specific environments, colourful and diverse materials creating structures which inhabit, lean up against and wrap built environments.

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Your abandoned movement has opened a new room in me

24/02/13 to 24/03/13

Your abandoned movement has opened a new room in me will explore how we create open and yet private spaces to protect and encourage queer intimacy, identity and play.

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The Outer Edge Project: 'Draw a Line Somewhere'

Elke Finkenauer

12/02/13 to 07/04/13

This work is a reflection on the multiple facets of human nature. I think of it as an anti-monument. Whereas a monument commemorates heroic qualities, the anti-monument celebrates the mundane reality of the everyperson – softness, fluidity, and domesticity, brightness and darkness, solidity and frailty compressed into one whole.

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The Outer Edge Project: 'Passage'

Glen Hutchins

04/12/12 to 03/02/13

‘Passage’ explores the relationship between the existing architectural space and painting. The absence of form and representation creates the idea of space and our attention is directed to line and surface. The expressive lines have been executed quickly and intensify the impression of movement and production.

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Artist Talk: Anonymous

Kevin Capon

26/10/12 to 26/10/12

As part of Art Week, Kevin Capon presents an onsite artist talk to accompany his latest body of work.

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The Outer Edge Project: 'RUTH'

Diane Rimmer

16/10/12 to 25/11/12

In Diane Rimmer’s work, familiar objects such as venetian blinds and old books are manipulated to reveal new shapes. Often surprising, occasionally interactive, frequently playful, the form of the materials changes according to a new function – a play on words or a familiar story. An alternative reality is revealed in the leftovers of everyday life.

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The Outer Edge Project: 'Zygote'

Emma Chalmers

14/08/12 to 07/10/12

Kinetic installation Zygote by Dunedin artist Emma Chalmers is a hoax fertility statue playing with several contemporary concepts of femininity and fertility, especially concerning teenage mothers in New Zealand.

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The Outer Edge Project: 'Catch'

Isla Osborne

17/07/12 to 12/08/12

Isla Osborne is an Auckland-based artist who engages with the traditional lamp-working process while exploring its potential for contemporary application. Catch is a visual exploration of viral infections and how they spread. Part of an ongoing body of work, in Catch the virus acts as a metaphor for the spread of ideas through communities. There is an underlying concern of the appreciation of truth and wisdom and an investigation of how these can fit into today’s object-driven world.

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The Outer Edge Project: 'Light and Day'

Jan Simmons

14/06/12 to 08/07/12

The way we engage with nature’s visual elements is determined by a somewhat fragmented yet continuous way we see and observe. Through distance and proximity, the viewer experiences nature in varying ways.

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Outer Edge Project: 'Dispersant'

Meliors Simms

12/04/12 to 07/06/12

Dispersant is a site specific installation considering the use of highly toxic chemicals to respond to oil spills. One such, Corexit, was used extensively in the the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, but briefly and unsuccessfully at Tauranga in 2011. Dispersant is a reminder that the toxic environmental hazards from oil spills last longer than the newsworthy photo opportunities.

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Engagement Party

Daphne Simons and Mark ODonnell

27/03/12 to 08/04/12

We have an interest in symbiotic relationships and the outsider/insider perception of art relevant couples. The inseparability and comparability of the two artists is constantly present. Their work, lifestyles and critical interpretations of such, long outlive their physical selves.

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Outer Edge Project: 'Pockets of Space'

Colleen Altagracia

08/03/12 to 07/04/12

John Berger wrote in his book The Shape of a Pocket that: “A pocket is formed when two or more people come together in agreement.” Pocketed spaces are also found in clothing often felt by the wearer but are usually not visible.

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Outer Edge Project: 'Driving to the Junkshop by the Seaside in search of Aunt Mary'

Sue Pickernell Crow

09/02/12 to 04/03/12

We are used to thinking of forces of evolution and adaption shaping the biological world, and us as a species over geological time. We forget that it hasn't stopped.

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From 'Everyday Irregular'

Kevin Capon

24/01/12 to 04/03/12

Fresh from Sarjeant Gallery's 'Everyday Irregular' exhibition is an installation of Kevin Capon's photography in Paper / Project. "Kevin Capon’s photographs elevate everyday objects and events to the realm of the quietly heroic, while at the same time charging them with a simmering suburban tension." - curator Greg Donson.

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Kevin Capon, Matt Coyle, Liam Gerrard, Will Handley, PJ Paterson and Philip Madill

17/12/11 to 17/12/11

Just in time for Christmas, Paper/Project presents Toys - an intriguing collection of works that make use of playthings.

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Outer Edge Project: 'Blood Rose Cupcake' from 'Vamp Cookbook'

Jonathan Cameron

11/08/11 to 08/09/11

Wellington-based artist Jonathan Cameron works with elements of popular culture, often exploring notions of desire and its relation to Lacanian notions of other.

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