Esc by Scott Eady


Scott Eady

28 March to 09 April 2017

This new body of work investigates things from the everyday, which had a profound effect on the direction of Eady’s research while on his recent residency in Vladivostok. The process of making in Russia was limited by what tools and materials the artist had on hand.

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Panem et circenses

PJ Paterson

11/04/17 to 30/04/17

In his latest series of portraits, PJ Paterson’s casts celebrities under the gritty realism of the police mugshot, using found internet images as source imagery.

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E rua o Ngai Tahu awa/Two rivers of Ngai Tahu by Simon Kaan | Jon Tootill

E rua o Ngai Tahu awa/Two rivers of Ngai Tahu

Simon Kaan | Jon Tootill

28 March to 09 April 2017

This exhibition brings together the work of Simon Kaan and Jon Tootill, two artists of Ngai Tahu descent whose bicultural art-based research engages with the unique artistic ecology of Aotearoa..

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Cruz Jimenez

11/04/17 to 30/04/17

This new body of work from artist Cruz Jimenez draws on ideas of nostalgia. The works depict fragments of memories and nostalgic wanderings, as well as a visual depiction of the artists premonition of his future.

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